Good to be Green

How green dots are awarded

Children at Uplands are awarded green dots for demonstrating key qualities required to being a good citizen. Qualities of a good citizen include:

  • Honesty - Both to self and others
  • Compassion - This is the caring emotion and understanding shown towards others.
  • Respect - Self, others, school and property. This includes the beliefs and values which others may have that differ from their own.
  • Responsibility - This is the actions which people take to make the environment a better place. This could include: holding the doors open, helping others, keeping school clean and tidy etc.
  • Courage and determination - Not giving up at the first sign of difficulty. Having the confidence to give a challenging task a go even if some activities are out of the comfort zone.

Children continue to collect green dots until they have completed a card worth 50 dots. A certificate is awarded for each completed card.

At the end of the term (Autumn 2, Spring 2 and Summer 2) a prizes are awarded to one child in each category. This raffle is drawn in the end of term assembly infront of the whole school.

Spring Term 2 Update 

Winners of the Prize Raffle


Abdulmalik - Year 5 (5 Cards) Bilai - Year 4 (4 Cards)


Saqlain - Year 4 (3 Cards) - Year 3 (2 Cards) - Year 5 (1 Card)

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