School Clubs

Throughout the school year, there are many opportunities for children to join a variety of clubs.

School clubs are designed to help develop a child’s talent, skill and interest. The clubs often combine both recreational and educational factors and keep children active and interested in learning as well as broadening children’s interest.

They are introduced to new subjects and activities that can be both interesting and challenging to them so when they learn new skills their self-esteem grows and provide them with key skills that can be very useful later on in life.

It’s a way for children to share their interests with other kids allowing them to make new friends and improve their confidence levels. Being part of a football club for example is a great way for your child to mix with new people and learn to be part of a team. It’s also a great way to keep them active and off the sofa as well!

School clubs keeps children entertained and busy and help them use up their excess energy, and can prevent them from becoming addicted to televisions and computers. By giving these children ways to express their creativity, after school clubs will help shape their overall personalities.

Their are a number of after-school clubs, for children to join and enjoy. 


Physical Education School Clubs

In order to attend a PE club, your child needs to return their permission form to PE. Morning clubs maybe cancelled in wet weather. 

Extra curricular clubs (PE)






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